Solar panels installed on a residential rooftop

Our Top 5 Tips For Maximising Solar Panel Performance

Does your home have solar installed? If so, when was the last time you checked the output of your system? Is it operating as expected? Investing in solar energy for your home is a great decision, however, it can be easy to forget about.

Many homeowners assume that their solar system, once installed, requires next to no input or upkeep from them in order to deliver optimal energy savings. However, the ability of your panels to do their job well is influenced by a number of factors.

If you desire to have panels that work at their peak all year round, we recommend following these five steps.


Ensuring Better Energy Outputs

1) Keep The Panels Clean

Dirt, dust, lichen and debris can block sunlight and reduce the efficiency of solar panels. They should be cleaned at least once a year to ensure they are working at peak capacity.

We recommend having your panels professionally cleaned as this reduces the risk of damage to the panels. Professionals have the appropriate equipment and are experienced with working at heights for safe and efficient cleaning.  


2) Invest In Energy-efficient Appliances

Using energy-efficient appliances and devices can reduce your overall energy consumption and maximize the amount of power you generate from your solar panels. 

Always look at the listed energy rating when purchasing appliances and where possible opt for those with the best star rating. 


3) Use Energy During Peak Production

Using electrical appliances during peak solar production periods can help you to maximize the benefits of your solar panels. 

This could look like running your dryer, washing machine, dishwasher or similar during the middle of the day to ensure solar energy is being used rather than the grid. 


4) Monitor Your System

Sudden drops in energy production could indicate an electrical fault, broken panel and more. 

Regularly monitoring your solar panel system can help you identify and address any issues before they become more significant problems. 

This will also help to know when to apply loads i.e. when to use your appliances as outlined above for maximum benefits. 


5) Consider Battery Storage

Solar panels generate the most power during the day, but you may still need power at night or during cloudy periods. 

Opting to invest in a solar battery can help you store excess energy generated during the day to use later. This can maximize the benefits of your solar panels by allowing you to use the power generated at any time without the need to fall back on the grid. 


When To Seek Help

If during a visual inspection or cleaning of your panels, you notice damage, it’s time to call for help. Loose wires, broken brackets, cracked panels, or similar all require professional attention. 

If you’re on the Northern Beaches and seeking an electrician in Manly, all the way up to Palm Beach, or a Mona Vale electrician in the middle of the two, we can help. 

As fully qualified electricians specialising in solar, we offer rapid, safe repairs to solar systems at affordable prices with zero compromises on quality. 


Make The Most Of Your Solar With Our Support 

At Curran-T Electrical & Solar, we offer comprehensive support to homeowners across the Northern Beaches. This includes access to an emergency electrician, 24/7. 

As trusted Brookvale electrical and solar experts, we are committed to delivering clean, renewable and sustainable energy solutions to our customers. 

Able to both install and maintain solar systems we ensure homeowners experience the maximum benefits of investing in solar for the lifetime of their system. Should you notice a problem with your solar, we come fully equipped and can rapidly identify and repair any faults we discover. This includes electrical issues such as loose connections, equipment failures such as broken inverters and more. 

Whether you need an emergency electrician in Brookvale or scheduled maintenance of your solar system, we’re the team you can count on. Contact  Curran-T Electrical & Solar today at 0439 646 823 to learn more.