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How Long Does A Solar Installation Take?

So you’ve decided to invest in a new solar system for your home. Wondering how long till it is completed and you’re connected to the grid? Solar system installation times can vary based on a few factors but can be up and running in as little as a few days. 

To learn more about what to expect from quotation to completion, we’ve prepared this easy-to-follow guide. 


Your Solar Installation Timeline

As both solar experts and residential electricians, our team at Curran-T Electrical & Solar have handled their fair share of solar installations. For most of our installations, the approximate timeline from the acceptance of the quote to a completed solar system is under a month. 

This accounts for the sourcing of materials, seeking approval from relevant regulatory bodies and application for any available government rebates. 

When it comes to the physical installation of the system, our multi-skilled team offers efficient and reliable solar installation within one to four days. Factors that influence your installation timeline include things such as:


  • The Size Of The System

It goes without saying, the bigger the system being installed, the more time is needed to complete the job. This is not only about mounting solar panels but handling complex wiring and any switchboard upgrades among other things required for the running of the system.  


  • Roof Type & Access

Steeply pitched roofs or those with accessibility issues will greatly influence the speed at which an installation can be completed. Panels must be able to be passed up to roof crews from a safe and easily accessed location. 

Safety while working at heights is a primary focus and our teams ensure they take the necessary time to install each panel with as little risk as possible. 


  • Number Of Installers Present 

As the saying goes many hands make light work and this is certainly true for solar installation. The more installers you have on-site, the quicker a job is likely to go as multiple steps can be done simultaneously. 


  • Licensing Of Your Installer

In NSW, only a licensed electrician or electrical contractor is permitted to manage the electrical component of your installation. They are also responsible for the provision of a certificate of compliance which is legally required for every solar installation.

Improper qualifications can lead to a delay in your system installation being finalized as you will need to wait for an electrician to sign off on it. To avoid this, we recommend always checking the licensing of your chosen provider before paying a deposit. 


  • How Quickly Permissions Are Granted 

Permission must also be obtained from the electricity distribution network in your area for the connection to the grid. This can only be handled by an Accredited Service Provider (ASP) and takes between three to five business days.  

These permissions should be sought by an ASP in advance of an installation date to ensure no delays in connecting to the grid.  


Streamlined Solar Installations For The Northern Beaches

To ensure the most rapid and complication-free installation of your solar, it is important to only engage an accredited provider with the necessary qualifications. 

At Curran-T Electrical & Solar, we are both an ASP for solar and qualified electricians. This allows us to deliver highly efficient installations that are both quick and compliant. We ensure all necessary approvals are completed prior to installation and prepare a detailed installation plan specific to your home.

It is this attention to detail and professional planning that allows our local electricians and solar experts to exceed expectations on every job. We even offer emergency electrician services for your solar as needed – your safety is our priority. 

For reliable solar installations that never compromise on quality, contact trusted Brookvale electricians Curran-T Electrical & Solar today at 0439 646 823.