Regular check on an electrical switchboard for optimal safety and functionality

Electrical Switchboards – Their Role & The Importance Of Regular Checks

Most homeowners are familiar with their electrical switchboards. Even if you do not fully understand what yours does, you’ve no doubt had to reset a tripped switch in the past. 

Switchboards, also known as an electrical panel or distribution board are a critical component of your home’s electrical system. Often ignored unless something goes wrong, your switchboard should, in fact, be regularly inspected to avoid potentially hazardous situations.


What Does A Switchboard Do? 

Your switchboard is contained within a fuse box and can be either inside your home or attached to an exterior wall. 

It is responsible for the proper distribution of power and provides a safe connection to the grid. Through the use of circuit breakers, fuses, and switches it expertly controls the flow of electricity to different parts of the house.


Why Is It So Important?

Not only does your switchboard connect you to the grid and distribute power efficiently, but it also ensures all this is done safely. If a home has a faulty switchboard, the risks of electrical hazards are extremely high. This includes things such as:

  • Overloading
  • Short circuits
  • Damaged appliances
  • Electrical fires
  • Electric shocks 
  • Electrocution and more. 

A properly functioning switchboard will immediately disconnect from the grid if a fault is detected. This helps to prevent you or any member of your family from serious injury or death caused by electrocution or electrical fires.


Proper Maintenance Of Your Switchboard

So how do you avoid the dangers linked to a faulty switchboard? Being proactive and having your switchboard checked by a licensed electrician at least once every five years is the best solution.

However, if you notice any signs of damage or malfunctioning, such as flickering lights, tripping circuit breakers, or burning smells, you should get the switchboard checked immediately. 

Regular switchboard checks are beneficial in helping to identify any potential issues before they become a safety hazard. 

During a safety check, our qualified electricians inspect the switchboard and its components for signs of wear and tear, loose connections, or other faults that could cause electrical hazards. 


When To Upgrade

In older homes, it is often necessary to upgrade the switchboard to meet current safety standards and ensure that it is functioning correctly. Outdated switchboards usually feature ceramic fuses, have fewer safety features and are less capable of handling the increased electrical needs of modern homes. 

This can also sometimes be necessary for homes with older switchboards that are installing solar power systems. Your switchboard must have space for additional circuits to be compatible with a grid-connected solar system 

At Curran T Electrical & Solar, as both electricians and solar installation experts, our team can safely oversee this process from start to finish as needed. 


What To Do In An Emergency

If at any stage you see smoke or fire coming from your fuse box, you must immediately call emergency services on 000. Our 24-hour electricians in Manly and surrounds can also attend as needed to put temporary safety measures in place once the main hazard has been dealt with. 


Stay Safe & Increase The Longevity Of Your Switchboard

Ultimately, not only is proper maintenance of your switchboard essential to the uninterrupted use of electricity in your home, it is a vital safety measure. 

Regular checks by your local electrician can help identify and prevent electrical hazards, ensuring the safety of your home and family. This can also aid in the longevity of your switchboard which can last anywhere from 25-40 years with proper care. 

A simple and affordable check every five years can help eliminate electrical hazards in your home as well as save you from costly repairs down the line. 

Speak with trusted Brookvale electricians Curran T Electrical & Solar today at 0439 646 823  to arrange your next switchboard safety check.